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cashusvant do you exist (or say you exist) just for boys? 

Yes 100% how did you know

guy ripping my movie ticket: enjoy your movie
me: you too
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Anonymous Do you play games (or say you play games) just to get guys attention 

Yes absolutely the secrets out

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“Fine” is good enough for someone else, not the love of my life.  I want to know you’re safe.

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"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"


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Can’t look away.

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Things Solas is:

  • Straight
  • Interested in elves

Things Solas is not:

  • A beacon of homophobic sentiment
  • Any less of a good character
  • The death knell of LGBTQ+ representation in video games as we know it
  • An anti-human racist (not that we know of, anyway)
  • A collection of pixels meant to pander to your every whim

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Me: you can talk to me whenever you feel bad! I'll always be there for you
Me: *bottles up problems* *doesnt talk about it with anyone* *lays in bed instead of trying to solve my own problems*
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